About IMPW

About Independent Master Plumbers of Westchester

Brief History:

In the mid-1990's, Independent Plumbers were fragmented and operated with little exposure to their counterparts. They had no part in any decision-forming processes at the local or County level. So, a few local plumbing companies got together with a shared idea: form an organization to represent the Independent Plumbers in Westchester County.
The catalyst for their vision was the impending adoption of a new local law that would establish a County-wide plumbing license, that would replace the 35 plus local licenses required throughout Westchester County.
Contacting every Independent company listed in the county, holding multiple meetings with them and ultimately forming the Independent Master Plumbers of Westchester.
With the newly formed Independent Master Plumbers of Westchester, independent licensed plumbers now had representation into rules and requirements that were to be adopted County wide. County legislators had no idea how many Independent plumbers existed in Westchester. Now they do because of the Independent Master Plumbers of Westchester, protecting the livelihood cf Independent Plumbers.


The IMPW is currently working with the Westchester County Plumbing License Board to help create a better plumber's testing system, provide more training on every level of plumbing and continuing to strive for a level playing field in the legislative and decision-making process. The IMPW has represented Westchester Master Plumbers at the State level and the Public Service Commission to stop unfair competition. Two members of the IMPW are now seated as members of the Westchester County Plumbing License board and a 3rd seat is available for an Independent Journeyman. Our numbers have grown from the first three companies to well over 100 Master Plumbers today.

Our Mission:

To represent the Independent Master Plumbers in Westchester, give them a voice on issues, events and to present a unified front for input on the local and County level.

Board of Directors:

Mario Bruni, President
Frank Nicosia, Vice-President
Steve Spano, Secretary
Patrick Sementa, Treasurer

Board Members:
George Bassolino
Chris Casa
James DeMaria
Mike Ferro
Josephine OGrady
John Royce
Anthony Schiavo

Executive Director:
Karen Dimitriou

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